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What Is Kens Coin?  WHEELS

WHEELS is a tokenized cryptocurrency network specifically designed to provide assistance to families with special needs children. 

The founding trustees of the WHEELS token project are all directly or indirectly affected by having a family member with special needs. Having this deep, personal understanding of how this impacts lives, gave the team unique insight & an opportunity to structure an economic system capable of providing a sustainable fiscal assistance for the these families. 

Charity: Help Others As You Would Help Yourself!

75% of the proceeds from the original token supply of 8.8 billion WHEELS tokens will be used to help families and children with special needs. 

If they need to build a ramp to get in the house, or redo a bathroom or a wheelchair accessible van or nursing or any other myriad of things that insurance can’t or won’t pay for Kens coin will be there.

We will document every project we do on the blockchain and with video. And we will create a series of NFT’s or non-fungible tokens, around every project we do. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a public sale of the WHEELS token?

Yes. To participate in the token sale, refer to the specifications or the state of the public token distribution.

Where can I purchase the WHEELS token?

The WHEELS token will be made available for exchange on our very own exchange, the Token Of Appreciation Exchange. Opening end of Q1 2022

How do I become a member of the WHEELS project?

In order to become a member of the WHEELS token project & to receive the benefits of the network, all that is required is the possession of WHEELS tokens in your wallet.

How does an organization join the WHEELS project?

If an organization wishes to join the WHEELS project please proceed to




Newport Beach, CA 92662

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